Kwajalein Job Opportunities for 2/15/2020

Below is a listing of job opportunities on Kwajalein, Marshall Islands. Kwaj Net manually verifies each job posting, all of which have either been initially posted, or updated, within the last 2-3 weeks. Kwaj Net is not responsible for the state of expiration of the individual jobs beyond the date of this blog post.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

The Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist is responsible for the administration of anesthetics to patients undergoing surgical procedures (both medical and dental), accurately measuring and monitoring anesthesia is administration while monitoring patient vital signs to ensure safety. In addition, the CRNA may be required to perform additional tasks during the surgical procedure including, stabilization and evacuation as well as managing the day to day utilization of the Quality/Risk Management team.

Pharmacy Director

Assesses, evaluates and manages medication therapies for patients across the age spectrum for various medical problems on an outpatient, emergent basis, and hospitalized care. Doctorate degree practitioners may be credentialed for independent prescriptive authority in accordance with regulations in their state of licensure. Assists all practitioners with medication information. Sits as Secretary or Chair of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee, and may sit on other healthcare, policy, and administrative committees as determined by CMO or Sr. Hospital Administrator. Maintains unsupervised key access to the Department of Pharmacy and all stocked medications, and is the immediate supervisor for all personnel with job access to the pharmacy. Maintains healthcare formulary, formulary stock, prescription records, and is financially responsible for all legend and controlled medications within USAG-KA. The Pharmacy Director is responsible for compliance with all regulations (DEA, FDA, DoD, and Army) governing medication procurement, storage, distribution and use within USAG-KA.

Veterinary Technician

The Veterinary Technician is responsible for assisting in the care of animals and providing veterinary services, such as animal wellness exams, vaccinations, health screenings, health certificates, minor surgical procedures, treatment and other authorized procedures.

Dental Assistant

The Dental Assistant supports dental care delivery by preparing treatment rooms, patients, instruments, and materials; passing instruments and materials; performing procedures in compliance with the dental practice act. The dental assistant may also mix filling compounds, take impressions of teeth, and provide patients with postoperative instructions. Candidates should have a commitment to a proactive approach to workplace safety, while taking a diplomatic and professional approach to customer interactions. Successful candidates are also team players, work well in a diverse and multicultural environment, are very comfortable with industrial settings, and exhibit a demonstrated history of self-improvement.

Ultrasound Tech

Performs clinical assessment and diagnostic sonography examinations; Uses cognitive sonographic skills to identify, record and adapt procedures as appropriate to anatomical, pathological, diagnostic information and images; Uses independent judgment during the sonographic exam to accurately differentiate between normal and pathologic findings; Analyses; sonograms, synthesize sonographic information, medical history, and communicates findings to the appropriate physician; Coordinates work schedule with Imaging Supervisor and/or scheduling desk to assure workload coverage; Assumes responsibility for the safety, mental and physical comfort of patients while they are in the sonographer’s care; Assists with the daily operations of the sonographic laboratory; Maintains a daily log of patients seen/completes exam billing forms; Participates in the maintenance of laboratory accreditation; Establishes and maintains ethical working relationships and good rapport with all interrelating hospitals, referral or commercial agencies; Performs other work-related duties as assigned; Performs all requested sonographic; examinations as ordered by the attending physician; Prepares preliminary reports and contacts referring physicians when required, according to established procedures; Coordinates with other staff to assure appropriate patient care is provided; Addresses problems of patient care as they arise and makes decisions to appropriately resolve the problems; Organizes daily work schedule and performs related clerical duties as required; Assumes responsibility for the safety and well-being of all patients in the sonographic area/department; Reports equipment failures to the appropriate supervisor or staff member; Provides in-service education team on requirements of sonographic procedures as requested by other members of the health care team


The Surgeon is responsible for preoperative diagnosis, performing operations, and providing the patient with postsurgical care and treatment.

Occupational Health Nurse

The Registered Occupational Health Nurse will be responsible for employment-related health screenings.

Hardware Engineer

Responsible for operating, maintaining, and upgrading the land and sea based missile flight safety systems located in the tropical Marshall Islands. The variety of systems includes RF, electronics, high power transmitters, antennas and pedestals, software, networks, processing and display computers, telemetry, communications, and facilities. Work with high power transmitters and other RF equipment, antennas, pedestals, electronics, test equipment, computers, and a variety of other technical equipment. Maintain, operate, improve, and document the systems primarily on the islands of Kwajalein and Roi-Namur, and may also support the systems on a ship as well. Periodically perform activities on towers and elevated structures using the proper PPE. Provide our customers support by contributing to preparation, planning, and/or mission execution. Lead and/or participate in troubleshooting efforts, fault detection, fault isolation, reporting, repair, testing, and documentation. Contribute to overseeing other tasks related to property, calibration, secure room, COMSEC, and other duties related to supporting the team and mission. Perform technical requirements analysis and capture. Perform RF link analysis, field strength calculations; Document data and signal flow across the systems. Provide support for RF Safety to include surveys, RF analysis, and incident investigation.

Senior Digital Hardware Engineer

Provide operations & maintenance support for VHF-band and UHF-band radar hardware systems; Maintain, troubleshoot and repair various pieces of commercial and custom hardware; Perform routine preventive maintenance procedures and runs system diagnostic software; Lead and provide support for design and implementation of improvement and modernization (I&M) projects; Install new equipment; Provide technical input about system configuration and performance
Interface directly with external customers

Systems Engineer

Responsible for the rocket flight safety systems located in Reagan Test Site; Operate, maintain, and upgrade both a land and sea based system. The systems include a variety of software and hardware (displays, electronics, high power transmitters, antennas and pedestals, networks, telemetry, communications, and facilities). The systems are located on a ship (USAV Worthy) and at sites on the islands of Kwajalein and Roi Namur; Responsible for project development and management, working with other engineers to provide leadership and technical oversight in projects for the land-based and ship-based systems; Lead technical staff in the preparation, planning and execution of flight safety operations. This involves all aspects of preparing the systems for missions; interfacing with government representatives, industry partners, and other contractors in a team environment; Represent the Range Safety group as a component of the larger mission support team at the RTS; Assist in creating required documentation including mission checklists, reports, summaries, and technical memos; Responsible for the site RF Safety program located at United States Army Garrison Kwajalein Atoll and Reagan Test Site. This includes working with others to accomplish the RF Safety training, surveys, and monitoring system changes; Review of new implementations and improvements to RF transmitting equipment for compliance with Safety requirements. This will include assisting with standard engineering analysis in the implementation of system upgrades and modifications across the range.

Systems Engineer Senior Principal

Maintain, repair and improve UHF and VHF Transmitters as required to meet mission requirements; Direct activities of Field Engineers and Technicians with frequent “hands on’ troubleshooting; Respond to downtime events of the transmitter; Work with all engineering disciplines and management to meet mission requirements.


Manage and Lead a team of engineers/technicians and administrative personnel to perform the maintenance scope of work required for the ALTAIR radar; Manage systems engineering team and set goals/performance measurements; Oversee, measure and assess support for performance; Conceptualize, plan and support the execution of projects to increase efficiencies; Support all aspects of engineering efforts to support sustainment of the program; Integration, test and transition support of projects; Develop, deploy and oversee execution of engineering processes and procedures; Follow company standards and change management policies; Lead and direct requirements and architecture support. Lead deficiency and root cause analysis efforts; Provide leadership and guidance in engineering project prioritization and technology road map; Maintain customer relationships and provide presentations to the customer; Interface with Government oversite personnel and MIT technical advisors; Identify and resolve issues, and handle escalation and communication to management; Support Basis of Estimates (BOE) and Rough Order Magnitude (ROM) estimates for new sustainment projects and support proposal efforts on new development projects.; Coordinate staff training on systems engineering processes as needed; Manage budgets in excess of 1.5M to meet company expectations.

Senior Site Security Specialist/CSSR

Serve as a Senior Site Security Specialist/Contractor Special Security Representative (CSSR), working in support of Special Programs as well as various aspects collateral National Security Information (NSI) Security Program at US Army Kwajalein Atoll; Assist Security Manager to develop, administer and maintain a comprehensive security program in a fast-paced, deadline driven environment; Require to routinely interface with all levels of management and Government customers; Develop / implement / manage security policies, procedures and processes / best practice standards specific to program requirements such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Concept of Operations (CONOPs), etc; Conduct initial security briefings, debriefings, indoctrinations, pre-/post-foreign travel briefings and refresher briefings; Interpret and administer security doctrine, provide clear guidance to company & customer personnel and recommend modifications to operations policies or procedures, as appropriate; Develop and establish an effective security awareness, training, and education program; Conduct and support internal company and/or other customer security assessments; Conduct briefings and participate in technical meetings with internal / external customers; Conduct security incident / violation investigations and formally reporting investigation results; Compile data and provide necessary metrics or performance highlights; Special Program Administration: access control, TS accountability, preparing/tracking Program Access Requests (PARs)

Broadcast Technician

The Broadcast Technician provides technical support to broadcast facilities in repair, maintenance, installation and modification of all broadcast-related equipment.

IT Network Analyst Tech I

The IT Network Analyst Technician I installs and supports network communications including LAN/WAN systems.

Logistics Operations Spcl Sr

The Logistics Operations Specialist Senior coordinates and maintains visibility of request orders through entire acquisition process in support of multiple contracts in various countries, interacting daily with military material managers.


The Firefighter is responsible for protecting lives and property from fire by performing rescue and firefighting operations that involve fires, vehicle accidents, and natural disasters.

Emergency Vehicle Mechanic

The Emergency Vehicle Mechanic is responsible for maintenance, repair, and servicing of all fire vehicles and equipment. And must meet the requirements outlined in DOT CRF 49 Part 393 and 396, NFPA 1500, NFPA 1901 NFPA 1911 and NFPA-1071-16.

Electrical O&M Manager

The Electrical (O&M) Manager is responsible for the maintenance, repair, and operation of all assigned systems and infrastructure for FOB/Base Camp of assigned program.

Estimator Lead

Responsible for technical direction over a group of Estimators on one specific project of moderate size and complexity or one specific construction specialty.

DMLSS Coordinator

The Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) Coordinator is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the ordering of medical supplies, collect, analyze data and products for accuracy, compliance, and timely submission.

Production Control Clerk III

The Production Control Clerk III is responsible for creating, updating, and data input of custom reports/information databases used for the purpose of monitoring/inducting of military and civilian equipment. Works directly the Production Control Supervisor and the Maintenance Manager.

Fire Crew Chief

The Fire Crew Chief leads a team to provide quality resource protection and fire fighting support for structural, aircraft, and other fire-related hazardous operations.


The Firefighter/ EMT is responsible for responding as a team member of the fire and emergency crew to save lives; provide first aid; preserve property, the environment, and mission functions. Additionally, responsible for mitigating hazards during fires, medical emergencies, hazmat incidents, personnel rescues, natural disasters, aircraft incidents, and other emergency events.

Marine Manager

The Marine Manager will have overall responsibility for the oversight of all marine operations, engineering plant, and facilities.

Fire Inspector

The Fire Inspector plans, coordinates, and implements a comprehensive inspection program of all base facilities in assigned area to detect and eliminate hazards. Participate in other activities as needed in support of all phases of the Fire Department operations.

Fire Crew Chief (2001019)

The Fire Crew Chief leads a team to provide quality resource protection and fire fighting support for structural, aircraft, and other fire-related hazardous operations.

Power Generator Supervisor

The Power Generation Supervisor is responsible for supervising the electrical shop in prioritizing work assignments, overseeing safety and procedural training, and ensuring electrical work is performed in compliance with applicable electrical code standards.

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