Kwajalein Job Opportunities for 11/16/2019
(12 Jobs)

Below is a listing of job opportunities on Kwajalein, Marshall Islands. Kwaj Net manually verifies each job posting, all of which have either been initially posted, or updated, within the last 2-3 weeks. Kwaj Net is not responsible for the state of expiration of the individual jobs beyond the date of this blog post.

Police Officer
(Closes 11/21/2019)

Perform bicycle, vehicle and foot patrol duties. Respond to emergency calls, exercises arrest authority, investigates situations, detains witnesses, apprehends suspects, administers first aid, summons assistance, protects persons from further harm and preserves evidence. Verify individual?s right to enter restricted areas as well as denies access to unauthorized persons. Interview witnesses and persons involved and prepare written reports. Perform general office responsibilities to include preparing reports and forms, recording messages, composing statements, completing forms. Periodically serves as Desk Sergeant with responsibility for the operation of the installation security communications police network mobile patrols throughout the installation, and access control.

Logistics Management Specialist
(Closes 11/26/2019)

Serve as expert logistical management specialist for the U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA)/Reagan Test Site (RTS). Plan, coordinate, and review logistical programs and activities related to logistics support for USAKA/RTS. Full responsibility for identifying all money, manpower, material, facilities, and services requirements for the contractor and governmental logistics management function. Monitor, evaluate, and ensure satisfactory and efficient performance by the logistics support contractor. Due to the location in the Pacific, solve frequent logistical issues that cannot be resolved through normal channels, methods, techniques, or procedures. Responsible for independent planning, developing, and carrying out assigned program areas.

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Marine Repair Supervisor (OCCM)

The Marine Repair Supervisor (OCCM) is responsible for directing and supervising the activities of workers on terminal or ship engaged in repair of materials, marine systems and vessels. Ensures customer requirements are met, including requests for work methods and procedures and that staff operates in a productive, safe manner.

Fire Systems Mgr

The Fire Systems Manager is responsible for managing all fire systems. Manages the inspection, maintenance and preventive maintenance programs. Manages and enforces technical orders and good commercial practices for fire alarm systems, water-based systems and special hazard systems throughout the base.


The Librarian is responsible for acquiring, organizing, managing and distributing library resources, and ensuring that library provision meets the needs of all its users.

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Mission Manager

The Mission Manager will develop and lead deployment of resources and project delivery systems to successfully execute and deliver project work (i.e., meet client’s cost, scope, schedule, service expectations, and company’s profitability and positioning goals) within the area of responsibility.

MWR Technician

Under general supervision, the MWR Technician coordinates activities required to operate Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) facilities


The Firefighter is responsible for protecting lives and property from fire by performing rescue and firefighting operations that involve fires, vehicle accidents, and natural disasters.


The Firefighter/ EMT is responsible for responding as a team member of the fire and emergency crew to save lives; provide first aid; preserve property, the environment, and mission functions. Additionally, responsible for mitigating hazards during fires, medical emergencies, hazmat incidents, personnel rescues, natural disasters, aircraft incidents, and other emergency events.

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Academic Support Specialist – Reading

The Academic Support Specialist – Reading is responsible for implementing the school’s instructional program for Grades K through 12.

PC Maintenance Technician – Senior

Under direct supervision, performs general maintenance tasks, troubleshoots and repairs computer systems and peripheral equipment located throughout the organization. Maintains an adequate spare parts inventory of systems, subsystems, and component parts used in repair work. Prepares progress reports for all work performed. Receives work direction from supervisor on work priorities and daily assignments. Frequently reports to a PC Support Manager.

IT SME / Operations Planner/MGR

Executes tasks and projects relevant to subject matter. Reduces issues to practical recommended options. Explains recommendation to decision-makers in terms that permit decisions. Performs studies and analyses on subjects within the technical scope of work. Develops requirements from a project’s inception to its conclusion for a particular IT subject matter area (i.e., simple to complex systems). Assists other project members with analysis and evaluation and with the preparation of recommendations for system improvements, optimization, development, and/or maintenance efforts in the following specialties: information systems architecture; networking; telecommunications; automation; communications protocols; risk management/electronic analysis; software; lifecycle management; software development methodologies; and modeling and simulation. Recognized at the industry level in a technical field or specialized engineering or technology area and is proficient in relevant engineering principles and practices. Applies experience, skills, and expert knowledge within an engineering discipline to complex assignments. Generates unique concepts as evidenced by synthesis of new products or processes. Creates or uses engineering/scientific tools to solve technical problems. Utilizes and develops tools, techniques, processes, and/or facilities such as state-of-the-art simulation environments, laboratories, and test facilities. Provides leadership for engineering activities in a specialized engineering or technology subject area. Serves as a major contributor to technical planning process and for providing technical management and guidance.

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