Kwajalein Job Opportunities for 4/17/2021

Are you looking for a job on Kwajalein Island (a.k.a. Kwaj) or Roi-Namur Island at Kwajalein Atoll in the Republic of the Marshall Islands? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Kwaj Net scours the Internet and posts all of the new or updated jobs from the last couple of weeks.

The posts are compiled from all of the current contractors on-island as well as government jobs (USA Jobs). The current contractors are: DynCorp International (primary logistics), RGNext (range technical operations), International SOS (medical), San Juan Construction, TribalCo (technical), Afognak/Alutiiq (security) and Vectrus (contracting).

Kwaj Net is not responsible for the state of expiration of the individual jobs beyond the date of this blog post.

Environmental Lead

The Environmental Lead works with site program management to maintain environmental, health, and safety programs, to include policies, processes, procedures and controls. Ensures contract performance conforms to established standards and governmental agency guidelines, guaranteeing lasting customer satisfaction.

Fuels Supervisor

The Fuels Supervisor provides supervision of personnel and daily tasks related to the receipt, storage, issue and accountability of petroleum products handled at a site.

Automotive Production Controller

The Automotive Production Controller is responsible for creating, updating, and data input of custom reports/information databases used for the purpose of monitoring/inducting of military and civilian equipment. Works directly the Production Control Supervisor and the Maintenance Manager.

HVAC Foreman

The Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Foreman leads and participates in the installation, maintenance, modification, overhaul, service, and repair of air conditioning and refrigeration systems and equipment.

Harbor Master

The Harbor Master is primarily responsible for the enforcement of the harbor’s regulations to ensure safety of navigation, security and environment protection.

Captain 1600T

The 1600 Ton Boat Captain, supervises assigned US Army vessels and crews in all matters, including training, safety, hiring and vessel maintenance.

MWR Technician

Under general supervision, the MWR Technician coordinates activities required to operate Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) facilities


The Firefighter/ EMT is responsible for responding as a team member of the fire and emergency crew to save lives; provide first aid; preserve property, the environment, and mission functions. Additionally, responsible for mitigating hazards during fires, medical emergencies, hazmat incidents, personnel rescues, natural disasters, aircraft incidents, and other emergency events.

Accounting Clerk I

The Accounting Clerk I provides general financial, clerical and accounting services to assigned department within the company. Assigned tasks generally performed under supervisory review.


The Physician will utilize expertise to mitigate and treat injuries and illnesses to ensure proper injury care and disease diagnosis, treatment and recovery, request necessary tests and follow-up visits and refer patients to specialists as necessary; Will coordinate medical referrals, coordinate admission, monitor and arrange final disposition; In addition, will require stabilization of patient and coordination of evacuation of patient to medevac center or CONUS; More…

Dental Assistant

Prepares treatment rooms for patient examinations, sterilizes and disinfects instruments and equipment, and takes dental radiographs; Obtains and updates patients’ dental records; prepares, lays out instruments and materials required to treat each patient; Provides chairside assistance to the dentist; More…

Registered Nurse

Assist medical providers with medical procedures and treatments as allowed within licensed scope of work; Assessment and documentation of the patient’s vital signs, chief complaint, medical history, prescribed medications; Establish observable and documentable patient goals using nursing care plans within NANDA guidelines; More…

Tech Control Technician III

Exercise technical control, coordination, and supervision over subordinate Global Information Grid (GIG) facilities, GIG transmission systems, trunks, and circuits. Technical control extends to unmanned facilities that are under the control and supervision of a Technical Control Facility (TCF); Report the status of facilities, transmission links, trunks, and circuits, in accordance with DISA reporting directives and submits status reports in accordance with DISAC 310-55-1, DISA Network Operations (NetOps), and DISA Network Operations Center (DNC) supplements; Coordinate and troubleshoots with DISA NetOps centers, adjacent facilities, customer agencies, maintenance organizations, and commercial vendors to troubleshoot, isolate, repair, and effect restoration of service; More…

Hardware Engineer

Responsible for operating, maintaining, and upgrading the land and sea based missile flight safety systems located in the tropical Marshall Islands. The variety of systems includes RF, electronics, high power transmitters, antennas and pedestals, software, networks, processing and display computers, telemetry, communications, and facilities; Work with high power transmitters and other RF equipment, antennas, pedestals, electronics, test equipment, computers, and a variety of other technical equipment; Maintain, operate, improve, and document the systems primarily on the islands of Kwajalein and Roi-Namur, and may also support the systems on a ship as well; More…

Systems Engineer

Responsible for the rocket flight safety systems located in Reagan Test Site; Operate, maintain, and upgrade both a land and sea based system. The systems include a variety of software and hardware (displays, electronics, high power transmitters, antennas and pedestals, networks, telemetry, communications, and facilities). The systems are located on a ship (USAV Worthy) and at sites on the islands of Kwajalein and Roi Namur; Responsible for project development and management, working with other engineers to provide leadership and technical oversight in projects for the land-based and ship-based systems; More…

Senior Digital Hardware Engineer

Provide operations & maintenance support for VHF-band and UHF-band radar hardware systems; Maintain, troubleshoot and repair various pieces of commercial and custom hardware; Perform routine preventive maintenance procedures and runs system diagnostic software; More…

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