Kwajalein Job Opportunities for 8/28/2018 (5 Jobs)

Below is a listing of job opportunities on Kwajalein, Marshall Islands. Kwaj Net manually verifies each job posting, all of which have either been initially posted, or updated, within the last 7 days. Kwaj Net is not responsible for the state of expiration of the individual jobs beyond the date of this blog post.

Dive Team Supervisor

The Dive Team Supervisor is the “Designated Person in Charge” (DPIC) of each assigned diving operation. The DPIC is responsible for the planning and execution of the diving operation, including the responsibility for the safety and health of the entire dive team

Quality Control Manager

The QC Manager plans, directs and coordinates all on-site Quality Control (QC) activities to ensure compliance with applicable company, owner, and government regulations and requirements. The QC Manager is responsible for implementing the QC Plan in its entirety and making appropriate and necessary changes to the plan throughout the project duration. Supports production personnel to ensure quality services. Develop, lead and maintain a team quality control working environment. Establish and maintain good working relationships with Government Inspectors/Contacts (CORs), QC Inspectors, Delivery Order Managers, Superintendents, Owner, Suppliers and Subcontractors.


Lays building materials, such as brick, structural tile, and concrete/cinder, glass, gypsum, and terra cotta block to construct or repair walls, partitions, arches, sewers, and other structures. All work performed in a safe and professional manner.

Crane Supervisor

* Manage a mobile crane fleet consisting of a barge mounted 165-ton lattice boom crawler, three rough terrain telescopic boom cranes (45 to 65-ton) and associated personnel; crane operators, lift directors, riggers and signalmen
* Ensure land based and barge mounted crane and rigging operations are conducted in accordance with applicable OSHA, ASME and US Army safety standards
* Exercise supervisory control over all crane and rigging operations
* Supervise crane operators, riggers and crane crew members
* Ensure crane operators, lift directors, riggers signalmen and crane crew members are qualified for the duties assigned
* Schedule and coordinate crane operations (and maintenance) with other jobsite activities
* Ensure cranes meet daily, monthly and annual crane inspection requirements
* More…

Concrete Finisher

Smooths and finishes surfaces of poured concrete floors, walls, sidewalks, or curbs to specified textures, using hand tools or power tools including floats, trowels, and screeds. All work performed in a safe and professional manner.

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