Kwajalein Job Opportunities for 8/28/2021

Are you looking for a job on Kwajalein Island (a.k.a. Kwaj) or Roi-Namur Island at Kwajalein Atoll in the Republic of the Marshall Islands? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Kwaj Net scours the Internet and posts all of the new or updated jobs from the last couple of weeks.

The posts are compiled from all of the current contractors on-island as well as government jobs (USA Jobs). The current contractors are: Amentum (base logistics), RGNext (range technical operations), International SOS (medical), San Juan Construction, TribalCo (technical), Afognak/Alutiiq (security) and Vectrus (contracting).

Kwaj Net is not responsible for the state of expiration of the individual jobs beyond the date of this blog post.

Operations & Maintenance Supervisor

The Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Supervisor is responsible for planning, organizing, directing and supervising assigned operations and maintenance activities.

Materials Control Specialist

The Materials Control Specialist is responsible for stock control, inventory management, material sorting identification/retrograde, and warehousing in support of assigned program.

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Captain of Guards

The Captain of Guards (COG) assists the Chief of Security as a central Government point of contact for this contract, and shall assist in the overall management, supervision, and coordination of contract requirements. The Captain of Guards should possess experience in military and civilian security guard operations and management and should have decision-making authority over contract performance, as well as control authority over contractor personnel performing security guard duties.

CAC/EBS Operator

The CAC/EBS Operator shall operate, update, and maintain the Electronic Badging System (EBS), and/or other badging and identification system(s) IAW USAG-KA/RTS Regulation 190-10, Entry and Exit Control (Official and Unofficial Visitors). Carries out instructions primarily oriented toward insuring that emergencies and security violations are readily discovered and reported to appropriate authority. The Operator shall be primarily responsible for the operation, fabrication, and issuance of badge transactions, temporary passes, center specific badges and credentials, ID cards, bullet badges (media, overlays, and special events), permanent area access (PAA), temporary area authorizations (TAAs), and technology control plans as necessary.

Security Officer

The Security Officer (SO) is primarily responsible for performing protective service work such as guarding government owned or leased buildings and property, protecting government equipment and material, and controlling access to government installations by employees, visitors, and residents. The SO will respond to emergencies, enforce government regulations, and conduct crowd, parking, and traffic control, inspections, and perimeter and internal access control. The SO does not act in the capacity of a law enforcement officer and has no arrest or apprehension powers.

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SATCOM Technician I

Perform all aspects of satellite communications system operation, maintenance, preventive maintenance and logistical support, and follows all Quality Control (QC) guidance; Enforce quality control standards when performing electronic equipment installation, repair or modification; Perform or assist in the installation of new equipment and systems; More…

Telemetry Technician III

Assist site lead on daily operations at Roi Telemetry Center; Perform pre mission setup and testing based on RCC Irig standards; Conduct the mission countdowns and all pre mission nominals; More…

Lead Transmitter Engineer

Act as the Transmitter Lead for ALCOR (C band) & MMW (Ka band) transmitters; provides technical support for all operations of the ALCOR & MMW transmitters; Provide design modifications and improvements for both ALCOR & MMW transmitters; this includes creating schematics and implementing modifications as well as directing activities of technicians and helpers to properly install these design modifications; Support maintenance efforts on both ALCOR & MMW transmitter; directs technicians and helpers to accomplish these maintenance activities; More…

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