Kwajalein Job Opportunities for 8/29/2019
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Below is a listing of job opportunities on Kwajalein, Marshall Islands. Kwaj Net manually verifies each job posting, all of which have either been initially posted, or updated, within the last 2-3 weeks. Kwaj Net is not responsible for the state of expiration of the individual jobs beyond the date of this blog post.

SATCOM Technician I

Perform all aspects of satellite communications system operation, maintenance, preventive maintenance and logistical support, and follows all Quality Control (QC) guidance; Enforce quality control standards when performing electronic equipment installation, repair or modification; Perform or assist in the installation of new equipment and systems; Operate, maintain, test, troubleshoot, repair, replace, configure, and reconfigure a Defense Satellite Communications System and the following types of related or ancillary systems: Controller interfaces, analog to digital converters, fiber optic/copper interface systems, Timing systems, Satellite modems, Military standard/commercial interface converters, multiplexers, modulators and demodulators, frequency converters, transmitters (HPA’s and SSPA’s), low noise receivers, RF combiners and splitters, precision timing distribution systems, COMSEC devices, antenna control systems and subsystems; Activate, test, and maintain permanent and temporary circuits to support Reagan Test Site, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), Army Space Command, and Executive service communications; Respond and follow the operational directions from DISA and SATCOM Network Control Elements; Perform shift work, as SATCOM is a 24/7 operation; Perform other duties as assigned.

Tech Control Technician II

Participates in conditioning, acceptance and quality testing of all DII links, trunks and
circuits transiting the U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll; Performs patching, testing, and frequency changing, troubleshooting, and restoration of all communications circuits interfacing the TCF; Verifies quality of communications circuits, channels, and equipment by use of appropriate test equipment; Applies established procedures using voice or data orderwires, in conjunction with local and distant facilities, to effect necessary operational adjustments. Performs HF frequency changes; Coordinates satellite links and line terminal operation as outlined in DCAC 310-70-1; Coordinates with local user agencies in matters related to circuit performance, capabilities and utilization; Performs special operational performance test and evaluation on new equipment, circuits or frequencies; Performs scheduled and demand maintenance and testing on all TCF equipment and circuits; Uses test equipment, such as transmission impairment measuring set, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzer, T-Berd 8000, T-Berd 4000, HST-3000, Fireberd 6000 Communications Analyzer, T-berd 224 PCM Analyzer, T-berd 310 Communications Analyzer, frequency counter, oscillators and other transmission impairment test equipment to detect and isolate equipment faults/circuit degradation and in performing restoral; Uses schematic diagrams, manufacturers service manual, and other documentation in determining equipment fault/circuit degradation and in performing repair/restoral; Operates Base Radio function IAW procedure outlined in ACP 113, 124, 125 and 147; Monitors and transmits as required on all international distress frequencies assigned to Kwajalein Atoll. Performs other duties as assi; Submits a DD Form 1368: Modified Use of Leased Communication Facilities on leased circuit outages when responsibility has been assigned, in accordance with DISAC 350-135-1 and DISAC 310-130-1, Submission of Telecommunications Service Requests; Reports meaconing, intrusion, jamming, and interference (MIJI) of electromagnetic systems, in accordance with service directives on all affected GIG systems, with an information copy to the FCO and the DISA elements; Participates in training of advance skill level and knowledge of subordinates and co-workers; Performs other duties as assigned.

Tech Control Technician I

Exercises technical control, coordination, and supervision over subordinate Global Information Grid (GIG) facilities, GIG transmission systems, trunks, and circuits; Reports the status of facilities, transmission links, trunks, and circuits, in accordance with DISA reporting directives and submits status reports in accordance with DISAC 310-55-1, DISA Network Operations (NetOps), and DISA DISA Network Operations Center (DNC) supplements; Coordinates and troubleshoots with DISA NetOps centers, adjacent facilities, customer agencies, maintenance organizations, and commercial vendors to troubleshoot, isolate, repair, and effect restoration of service; Implements DISA Restoral Plans (R-Plans), minimal essential circuit listings Minimum Essential Circuit Lists (MECLs), and local restoral plans (LRPs) as directed by the DISA element or Facility Control Office (FCO) or Service NetOps component and restores disrupted service to users that are not covered by R-Plans by using any other existing communications capabilities; Assists in the development of DISA R-Plans and MECLs as requested; develops LRPs; performs periodic review of all R-Plans and ensures corrections are provided to the DISA element and to the appropriate FCO and Service NetOps component; and maintains current copies of these plans; Performs quality control tests and measurements on all applicable trunks, channels, circuits, and equipment for which the TCF is responsible; Ensures quality of GIG transmission, timing and synchronization, multiplex, and switching equipment using installed monitoring capabilities and appropriate communications test equipment; Reviews and analyzes system, trunk, circuit, and equipment performance and coordinates and assists in troubleshooting, isolating, repairing, and correcting the unsatisfactory condition or fault in cooperation with other facilities, customer agencies, maintenance organizations, commercial vendors, and DNCs; Performs testing and acceptance and activates, changes, and deactivates trunks and circuits in accordance with DISA Telecommunications Service Orders or as directed by higher levels of control [e.g., DNC5 and DISA Command Center (DCC)] in times of stress including tactical trunks and circuits and submits applicable reports (i.e., delayed service, exception, ineffect) in accordance with DISAC 310-130-1, Submission of Telecommunications Services Requests; Performs network management functions, including bandwidth control, for those networks for which responsibility has been assigned. Requests authorized service interruption (ASI) for subordinate facilities from the appropriate DISA element in accordance with DISAC-310-55-l and controls routine downtime for preventive maintenance and other actions requiring equipment substitution; Arranges for user release of individual circuits for out-of-service quality control testing, routine maintenance, and other scheduled service interruptions; Performs administration and record keeping functions required by DISA Circulars; Submits facility or link data in accordance with DISA NetOps, DISA DNC supplements, or FCO instructions; Submits corrections to DISAC 310-55-1 DISA DNC supplements or FCO instructions; Submits a DD Form 1368: Modified Use of Leased Communication Facilities on leased circuit outages, when responsibility has been assigned, in accordance with DISAC 350-135-1 and DISAC 310-130-1, Submission of Telecommunications Service Requests; Reports meaconing, intrusion, jamming, and interference (MIJI) of electromagnetic systems, in accordance with service directives on all affected GIG systems, with an information copy to the FCO and the DISA elements


The Locksmith installs, repairs, rebuilds, and service mechanical or electrical locking
devices using hand tools and special equipment.

Logistics Director

The Logistics Director is responsible for directing and coordinating activities of the
logistics function for business unit or assigned program in accordance with company policies and procedures.

Power Generation Supervisor

The Power Generation Supervisor is responsible for supervising the electrical shop in prioritizing work assignments, overseeing safety and procedural training, and ensuring electrical work is performed in compliance with applicable electrical code standards.

Network Engineer Principal

The Network Engineer Principal oversees the complex installation, analysis, evaluation, and support of network communications including LAN/WAN, Load Balancing and VOIP systems.


The Firefighter/ EMT is responsible for responding as a team member of the fire and emergency crew to save lives; provide first aid; preserve property, the environment, and mission functions. Additionally, responsible for mitigating hazards during fires, medical emergencies, hazmat incidents, personnel rescues, natural disasters, aircraft incidents, and other emergency events.

Accounting Clerk I

The Accounting Clerk provides general financial, clerical and accounting services to assigned department within the company. Assigned tasks generally performed under supervisory review.

Property Administrator Lead

The Property Administrator Lead oversees and manages assigned functional areas and staff within the Property Department, including acquisition, identification, maintenance, records, etc. for control, care, and accountability of property owned by the company or government.

Property Manager

The Property Manager is responsible for the effective and efficient management of all government furnished and company acquired assets for assigned program or department consistent with customer requirements, government regulations, and company policies and procedures.

Lead Plumber

Performs skilled installation, maintenance, replacement, and repair of plumbing systems and equipment in a variety of buildings and facilities. Leads and assigns the work of other building maintenance personnel. Performs related work as required. Oversees other facilities maintenance personnel, depending upon the projects assigned. Carries out all duties in accordance with DynCorp International ISO 9001 Quality and Safety Standards.

DMLSS Coordinator Sr

The Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) Coordinator Senior is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the ordering of medical supplies, collect, analyze data and products for accuracy, compliance, and timely submission.

Real Property Administrator

The Real Property Administrator provides direct and indirect administrative and technical supervision for a workforce of approximately 20-100 employees with the responsibility for oversight which includes; Monitoring, coordinating, and reporting the integration of supply, maintenance, equipment, facilities, training, fielding, and other related logistical functions.

MWR Supervisor

The MWR Supervisor supervises the coordination of activities required to operate Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) facilities.

Facility Maintenance Supervisor

The Facility Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for planning, organizing, directing and supervising assigned operations and maintenance activities.

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