Kwajalein Job Opportunities for 12/29/2018
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Below is a listing of job opportunities on Kwajalein, Marshall Islands. Kwaj Net manually verifies each job posting, all of which have either been initially posted, or updated, within the last 7 days. Kwaj Net is not responsible for the state of expiration of the individual jobs beyond the date of this blog post.

Hyperbaric Physician

The Physician will utilize expertise to mitigate and treat injuries and illnesses to ensure proper injury care and disease diagnosis, treatment and recovery, request necessary tests and follow-up visits and refer patients to specialists as necessary.

The Physician will coordinate medical referrals, coordinate admission, monitor and arrange final disposition. In addition, will require stabilization of patient and coordination of evacuation of patient to medevac center or CONUS. We are looking for candidates with a commitment to a proactive approach to workplace safety while taking a diplomatic and professional approach to customer interactions.

Pharmacy Director

Assesses, evaluates and manages medication therapies for patients across the age spectrum for various medical problems on an outpatient, emergent basis, and hospitalized care. Doctorate degreed practitioners may be credentialed for independent prescriptive authority in accordance with regulations in their state of licensure. Assists all practitioners with medication information. Sits as Secretary or Chair of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee, and may sit on other healthcare, policy, and administrative committees as determined by CMO or Sr. Hospital Administrator. Maintains unsupervised key access to the Department of Pharmacy and all stocked medications, and is the immediate supervisor for all personnel with job access to the pharmacy. Maintains healthcare formulary, formulary stock, prescription records, and is financially responsible for all legend and controlled medications within USAG-KA. The Pharmacy Director is responsible for compliance with all regulations (DEA, FDA, DoD, and Army) governing medication procurement, storage, distribution and use within USAG-KA.

Logistics Operations Specialist Sr

The Logistics Operations Specialist Senior coordinates and maintains visibility of request orders through entire acquisition process in support of multiple contracts in various countries, interacting daily with military material managers.

Grounds & Golf Manager

The Grounds and Golf Manager is responsible for planning, organizing, directing and supervising assigned operations for roads and grounds maintenance activities.

Work Control Center Manager

The Work Control Center Manager is the single point of contact for the Maintenance Work Control group and provides direction, instructions and guidance to ensure that work scheduled is completed per the schedule and correctly entered into Projects and General Fund Enterprise Business Systems (GFEBs). This position is responsible for the effective and efficient supervision and control of activities for work control processes.

Housing & Custodial Manager

The Housing & Custodial Manager has primary responsibility for the day-to-day operations and management of the housing and custodial infrastructure including operations and maintenance of buildings, equipment, and utilities. Ensures all site operations are in compliance with the goals of the customer and according to company policies and procedures.

Custodial Supervisor

The Custodial Supervisor provides direct and indirect administrative and technical supervision for a workforce of approximately 20-100 employees under the general direction of the Housing & Custodial Manager. The position of plans, organizes, assigns, supervises and inspects the work of custodians involved in cleaning and maintenance of buildings and facilities.

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