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Are you looking for a job on Kwajalein Island (a.k.a. Kwaj) or Roi-Namur Island at Kwajalein Atoll in the Republic of the Marshall Islands? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Kwaj Net scours the Internet and posts all of the new or updated jobs from the last couple of weeks.

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High School Principal (Jr&Sr)

The Principal, under the direction of the Superintendent or designee, plans, develops and implements the policies, regulations, guidelines and procedures pertaining to the district educational programs. This position will oversee the collaborative development of a School Improvement Plan (SIP) and subsequent monitoring and adjustment of the plan in order to improve overall student achievement. The Principal is responsible for the overall supervision of the school campus including teacher’s instructional practices, classroom management and discipline to ensure safe classroom environments. The Principal must exhibit exceptional abilities in communications, human relations, and instructional leadership. The Principal must also display enthusiasm, dedication, integrity, and a commitment to all students.

Visual Information Services Supervisor

Responsible for the technical and operational functions of the Audio Visual Department. Provides management, organization, and execution of the Information Management Department policies, procedures, goals, objectives and quality initiatives. Other duties may be required as directed by the Information Management Director.

Wastewater Services Supervisor

Under supervision of the DPW Manager, the Wastewater Services Supervisor supervises and coordinates all activities of a Sewage and Black Water Waste Management Operation which includes wastewater treatment plant operations and black and gray water collection and disposal. The Supervisors oversees all personnel engaged in operation, maintenance, and repair of all Sewage and Black Water Waste Management activities at a 24 / 7 facility.

Utility Operations Supervisor

Requires extensive knowledge of the operation, maintenance and repair requirements of facilities equipment, power generating and distribution equipment and systems. Requires a complete knowledge of the methods, techniques and equipment necessary for conducting preventive and corrective maintenance and operation activities. Must be able to supervise and manage the activities of multi-national and culturally diverse work force. Possess knowledge of safety and environmental issues as they relate to Public Works Management. Ensures compliance with requisite contractual, US Government, DoD, U.S. Army, local and safety, regulations, codes, policies, guidelines and instructions. Monitor work for compliance to applicable codes, accepted engineering practices, Vectrus Safety Procedures and local standards.

Recycling Services Supervisor

Under the general supervision of the Environmental Engineer, Sr.; implements a standardized ESH program, which is Management System based. Performs risk analysis, develops programs that exceed basic regulatory compliance, identifies needed resources (such as personal protective equipment) and budget for resources, identifies required training for employees in various operations, performs and documents training, documents and submits monthly performance metrics, performs ESH inspections, and implements employee reward and recognition program. Reads and understands regulatory compliance and submits any documentation required to operate under permits (such as air, hazardous waste, and water). Communicates (manage-from-the-floor type) with senior management, area supervisors, and regulators to help implement a complete ESH program.

Pest Services Supervisor

Under the supervision of the Sr. Environmental Engineer (Compliance); assures safety practices are followed. Major areas of responsibility include, but are not limited to: residential, commercial, and industrial pest management services, and the safe and efficient operation of industry-particular equipment for LOGCAP V AOR. Must be knowledgeable of laws governing the application of controlled and non-controlled pesticides and herbicides. Coordinates work/inspections with facility managers/occupants. Researches materials, and prepares necessary documents. Responds to emergency service calls during regular hours or after-duty on-call hours.

Operations Manager (IMD)

Under general guidance and direction from the Information Management Director, the Information Management Operations Manager is responsible for general oversight of daily operational matters for the Information Management Directorate (IMD). In coordination with the IMD Director, Branch and Site Supervisors will ensure that all mission and project requirements are properly planned, staffed and completed. Also responsible for coordinating and supervising all facility security, safety, fire, and environmental performed in support of the facility management program. Assists with projects and reports for IMD, LOGCAP Senior Management, and the Military.

HAZMAT Services Supervisor

Under supervision of the Environmental Engineer, Sr., the hazardous waste specialist lead(s) collects, stores, and manages Hazardous Waste to include classes 2 – 9, as well as fuel, Lead, Lithium and other misc. Hazardous Materials. The Hazardous Waste Specialist will post instructions, warnings, or other markings as necessary in all workspaces, to include MSDS, wherever appropriate. Responsible for maintaining a safe workplace and ensuring that safety is the highest priority in the workplace. Will support the Environmental Health & Safety and Quality Assurance teams by providing information and materials to these divisions as necessary to ensure compliance with local, national, and Army regulations and completes supporting documentation IAW the PWS. Will coordinate with COR for Hazardous Materials procurement, movement, and disposal of Hazardous Waste. Supports the development of SOPs to maintain a hazard free work environment. Performs Environmental Sampling/Testing. Handles Medical Waste, including Coordinating the disposal and recycling with established installation resources IAW 29 CFR 1910 Will handle hazardous materials classified as Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) Groups 1-9. And performs duties IAW MEDCOM Reg 40-35, MANAGEMENT OF REGULATED MEDICAL WASTE (RMW). Uses TB MED 593 for field waste management. Responsible for operation of a Regulated Medical Waste incinerator.

ESH Supervisor

Responsible for implementing and assisting with development of the LOGCAP V Safety and Health Plan; ensuring compliance with applicable requirements; establishing safety inspection, compliance, and behavioral monitoring. Responsible for writing and reviewing technical reports and will interact with middle management teams.

Operations Supervisor

Under the general direction of the Public Works Operations Manager (O&M), the Operations Supervisor is responsible for coordinating and supervising the day to day operations of the PWD Operations office. Works in close coordination with the PWD Senior Director, Directors, Public Works Operations and Maintenance Managers, Environmental Manager, PWD Executive Assistant, and appropriate external agencies to create a continuous flow of information regarding past and ongoing PWD activities.

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