Bob Raymond with Marshallese CanoeAbout Kwaj Net

Yokwe, folks! Thanks so much for dropping by Kwaj Net. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bob Raymond and it is my honor to be your host here. I was inspired to start the first-ever Kwajalein website back in 1994, almost a year to the day of departing my stay on “Kwaj”. It was my intent to create a place where people could come to find information about Kwaj, look up lost friends, reminisce with old ones, enjoy viewing Kwaj photos & videos and perhaps discover a dream job that awaits them on-island.

I hope that you are finding what you are seeking. If you are just here to enjoy the memories and entertainment, hopefully you’re getting your fill. If you do not find what you’re seeking, please shoot me a message using the Contact page. I’ll do my best to implement your recommendations. Meanwhile, do know that this site is under constant improvement, so please visit often to discover updates.  If you want to get informed of website updates without having to remember to re-visit, I encourage you to sign up for the newsletter.

Bob’s Kwajalein Experience

I spent two wonderful years on Kwajalein, doing IT automation and finance work in the small, yet very busy post office. Although I am no longer on-island, I miss it dearly. I wouldn’t give up my two years on Kwaj for anything. The friendships, the Marshallese people, the work and the literal paradise all make me long for returning. My only regret is that I didn’t learn to scuba dive, but I did at least do some unforgettable snorkeling with great friends.

My Favorite Kwaj Story

Typhoon Zelda skirted the southern atolls in November 1991. The wind and rain got pretty intense on Kwajalein, but thankfully not what one would consider severe. I rode my bike against the wind going to the “The Yuk”, the island’s mixed fine dining and club establishment. Right when I got there, the power went out and limited emergency power came on. The Marshallese bartender could not make it to his shift and there were a bunch of thirsty people at the bar.

The manager was trying to maintain chaos and had plenty of other responsibilities to tend to, so I volunteered to tend bar. She agreed and decided to make it a cash-only affair. I served canned beer and simple mixed drinks for a couple of hours until it was decided to shut down the place for the night. It was a great time. I made around hundred dollars in tips from the patrons who were just happy to have a place to ride out the storm. I ended up getting blown off my bike a few times on the way home, but nothing serious. You can’t help but laugh at things like that, especially given the situation. Good times!

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