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Nine Degrees North Movie Announcement

Finally! This gem of a book is on its way to becoming a movie. The book’s authors, Michael Bayouth & Kim Klein, are in the midst of writing the screenplay and I am very excited by the news! Kim is an actual ex-Kwajer, so her touches of authenticity make you feel like you’re back on Kwaj in 1969 as you turn the pages.

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Launch of the Kwaj Blog

The Kwaj Blog Launches The New Blog Will Feature Kwajalein & RMI News, New Products and Website Updates   The Kwaj Blog officially launched on 19 December, 2017 with this and three other blog posts which chronicle the first milestones of the Kwaj Net website. Those...

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New Home Page Design

The New Kwaj Net Home Page New User Input Leads to More Usable Design   First, a huge THANK YOU! Your feedback was spot on. I read all of the comments, complaints and suggestions and applied all of that to the new home page and throughout the website. What changed and...

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Website Officially Online As Soft Launch

Wow! What a Journey! A Short Story of the Launch of the New Kwaj Net Website   The Kwaj Net website officially launched on 17 September, 2017. It was a soft launch, meaning I really didn't announce it, except for casually mentioning it on the Kwaj Net Facebook page in...

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