The Kwaj Blog Launches

The New Blog Will Feature Kwajalein & RMI News,
New Products and Website Updates


The Kwaj Blog officially launched on 19 December, 2017 with this and three other blog posts which chronicle the first milestones of the Kwaj Net website. Those posts are about the website launch, home page redesign and opening of The Kwaj Shop, which have been the keys to success of the website thus far. Thank you all for contributing to that success as well. I hope that you enjoy the new blog.

What to expect from the blog

There’s plenty in store for the blog as it progresses. My current plans are to feature posts about the following:

  • News about Kwajalein happenings
  • Informational tidbits from around the world that are of interest to Kwajalein residents – current, former and future
  • Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) and Oceania news that is of interest to Kwajers and Marshallese
  • New product announcements and sales from The Kwaj Shop
  • Updates on additions to the website, such as incremental enhancements, major content additions and new features/functionality

How the blog and Kwaj Net Facebook work together and differ

My top goal for Facebook has always been to deliver most relevant and timely content to the members (“Kwaj Netters”) as possible. While attempting to achieve that, going back to the page’s launch in 2012, I’ve learned many lessons. One of the more important of those is that the most engaging and liked posts are very specific to Kwaj and not really about broader Marshall Islands issues and news. So, I will continue to make Kwaj-specific posts to Facebook, which will start as blog posts that I will share to Facebook.

So, what’s different? The blog will also contain posts about broader RMI issues and news, which will likely impact the Marshallese Kwaj Net audience. Most of those posts will likely NOT be shared to Facebook. However, due to the quickly growing Marshallese membership joining the Facebook page, I want to give them a venue to speak their mind (via blog comments) and do so anonymously if they so wish.

I encourage both Marshallese and non-Marshallese to comment on the blog posts here. Anonymity fosters an environment of open communication without the fear of online retribution and personal criticism. So, let’s enable that dialogue.

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