The New Kwaj Net Home Page

New User Input Leads to More Usable Design


First, a huge THANK YOU! Your feedback was spot on. I read all of the comments, complaints and suggestions and applied all of that to the new home page and throughout the website.

What changed and why, you might ask? Here’s the scoop…

First, the why. It’s all about Mobile Devices these days. During the initial development, I tested the website just using my own tablet and phone, but obviously that wasn’t enough. So, I made some tweaks and used some device emulators to see if I was getting close to addressing some of the display issues.  All of those kinks have been worked out to the best of my testing, but please do let me know if you still experience any lingering issues. Simply visit the Contact page and submit your comments.

Now, the what. Aside from the technical/coding boring stuff that I’ll spare you, I updated the following to give you all a better user experience across all devices:

  • Replaced the Featured Image slider with a more device-friendly header.
  • Moved the important icons/links higher on the page so you can get to what you want more quickly.
  • Moved the What’s New/What’s Next info to its own page, to reduce clutter and scrolling.
  • Added the beta Shop and icon/link to it.

I hope these improvements give you a better viewing and navigating experience. As mentioned above, just contact me if you have further input or suggestions. Meanwhile, I’m getting back to work on “The Kwaj Shop” which I’m hoping to launch the week of Cyber Monday.

As always, I encourage you to sign up for the Kwaj Net Newsletter, a monthly email that I send out announcing new products, sales, website enhancement updates and “stuff” that I don’t typically share on social media.

Thanks so much for supporting Kwaj Net and purchasing from the upcoming store. It will help pay the various bills to keep the website running, adding new informative content and creating new merchandise that you can gift to the special people in your life, or yourself, to keep reliving those precious Kwajalein memories.

Kommol tata,


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