The Book to Become a Movie

Screenplay in the Works for Nine Degrees North by Michael Bayouth and Kim Klein

Nine Degrees North Screenplay Cover

Finally! This gem of a book is on its way to becoming a movie. The book’s authors, Michael Bayouth & Kim Klein, are in the midst of writing the screenplay and I am very excited by the news! Kim is an actual ex-Kwajer, so her touches of authenticity make you feel like you’re back on Kwaj in 1969 as you turn the pages.

What is it about? It’s a great story about teenagers coming-of-age on Kwajalein, during an interesting time of military secrecy and war.

Here’s a partial description of the book from Amazon:

“Stop, hey, what’s that sound? Everybody look what’s going down.” Nine Degrees North serves up a coming-of-age free-fall into the transplanted lives of six high-school teenagers in the year 1969. The story unfolds on Kwajalein Island, a military missile test facility in the Pacific ocean, and is set against the music of the era. As fifteen-year-old Carrie Conroy and her friends navigate their new, isolated surroundings, they deal with military predators, first loves, and are on a fast-track to growing up in a world at war. But when questions arise about the history behind their new home and what goes on at this secret, military base, they are only met with radio silence. As their thirst for knowledge escalates, they befriend their high school History teacher who risks everything…

Grab your copy of “Nine Degrees North” by Michael Bayouth & Kim Klein here:

Check out (and Like) Kim’s Facebook business pages: Kim Klein Health Coaching  and Kim Klein Fusion Feng Shui

Learn more about Michael on the Bayouth Productions website. FYI… Michael designed the Kwaj Net logo. In addition to him being an author and screenwriter, he is an actor, storyboard artist, graphic/motion graphics artist and branding consultant.

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