March 25, 2018

Episode 1 Launches New Kwajalein News Series


THE KWAJ CURRENT: This is Episode 1 of a new bi-weekly video news program that airs on AFN Kwajalein and is brought to everybody by the USAG-KA Public Affairs Office (PAO).

Topics Covered in This Episode:

Japanese Visitors: Japanese Memorial Visited by Bereaving Families and Dignitaries

Golf Course Upgrades: Driving Range, New Programs and Greening-up the Course

Archealogical Education: RMI, Kwajalein Atoll and World War II

Sports Round-up: End of A-League Basketball Season/Championship Game, Water Polo Championship

In Your View: Underwater Video Clips – Share Yours with USAG-KA PAO!

In Other News: Lots of Photos and News Briefs:

  • YYWC Basket Auction for Education
  • SMDC/ARSTRAT Commanding General LTG Dickinson’s Kwajalein Visit
  • Kwaj Kids Soccer Coaching
  • Christian Women’s Fellowship Activities
  • Kwajalein Hobby Shop Activities
  • New Bike Racks
  • Parrothead Party: Bill Williamson’s Last One on Kwaj
  • Kwaj Girl Scouts – Thinking Day
  • Alan Stone’s 15 Year Tour Ends
  • Steak Night at the Zamperini Dining Facility
  • St. Patrick’s Day at the Oceanview Club (a.k.a. “Snake Pit”)
  • Spin Class at the Community Activities Center (CAC)

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