Wow! What a Journey!

A Short Story of the Launch of the New Kwaj Net Website


The Kwaj Net website officially launched on 17 September, 2017. It was a soft launch, meaning I really didn’t announce it, except for casually mentioning it on the Kwaj Net Facebook page in some comments to miscellaneous posts. But finally … “It’s alive!”

It has literally been years in the making, but I managed to actually pull the trigger. The biggest fear that kept holding me back was having to learn a new set of small scale web technologies, which really makes me laugh at myself. I say that because I’ve been managing websites and web teams at the enterprise level for over 20 years now and that body of knowledge is SO much more technically complex than developing a small blog/business site.

The soft launch includes the pages (menu items) that you’ll see on the main image above, which are:

  • Home Page
  • About -> Kwajalein
  • About -> Kwaj Net
  • Gallery
  • Newsletter
  • Contact

None of the above are fully fleshed out, but I’ll keep adding to those pages as time goes by. If you have  any content recommendations for the above, or for new pages, feel free to send me your ideas via the Contact page.

As for what’s in the future, here’s what I have in mind:

  • November 2017: Online Store “The Kwaj Shop” with Kwaj Net designed merchandise
  • November 2017: What’s New/Next page
  • December 2017: Blog
  • 2018: Product Partnerships with Amazon, eBay, others
  • 2018: Ultimate Kwajalein FAQ page
  • 2018: Job Postings page (timing contingent upon new contract information availability)
  • 2018: Forums that will allow anonymous discussions with other members
  • 2018: Kwajalein Videos page

There are other thoughts floating around in my mind for other cool additions, so stay tuned for updates. Speaking of updates, if you want to stay abreast of those on a monthly basis, please sign up for the Kwaj Net Newsletter. It will include new product announcements, major website enhancements and stuff that I don’t typically share on social media.

Again, I appreciate your patience and understanding. You guys ROCK!



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